Preserving our past for future generations.

The quality craftsmanship of years gone by is still available today.  We make exact reproductions of trim, decorative elements and complete interiors using todays technology blended with the traditional hand skills of the past.

Restoration is much more than saving old buildings!  Historic preservation champions and protects places and things that tell the stories of our past.  It enhances our sense of community and brings us closer together.  Saving the places that can never be replaced is something that Eric Trowbridge Design takes a lot of pride in being a part of.  Historic preservation is also about getting involved in saving these Buildings, and neighborhoods so that they can be enjoyed buy future generations.  We are lucky to have a team of craftsman that can still cut dovetails by hand and reproduce moldings and decorative elements just like they were done 100 years ago.  When your restoration has to be exact look no further than Eric Trowbridge Design.